Photo Journal: Diving in Thailand

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In late January I completed my PADI Open Water Dive course!  It was my first time diving and I figured where better to do it then in Thailand!  And I was right! Holy moly it was stunning!


I plan on doing a full post of my dive experience, the PADI course and our dive instructor/school in the very near future so look out for that.  In the meantime PHOTOS!


Purchasing the package from the professional photographer wasn’t even a question and there are no regrets.  We would never have been able to capture these moments ourselves, especially it being our first time diving.  And for first times sake these are really fun memories.


The first day of diving was at Koh Haa.  Haa means five in Thai, as in five islands, except that there are six islands in this group.  I did some investigation and nobody could explain this …   The photos however are from day two of diving.  We dived at Palong Bay off of Koh Phi Phi and off of the islands of Bida Nok and Bida Nai.


Take a look for yourself!


Our very comfortable dive boat!


Hamming it up for the camera! Honestly, diving was easier then I expected!  I really worried about feeling claustrophobic and panicky.


Found Nemo (Clown Fish)! Can’t believe these creatures actually exist. Incredible to see it.


Crazy looking Lionfish


A banded sea snake!



Looks like the fish inside the Moray Eels mouth is about to get chomped! But it is in fact cleaning the eels mouth! It is called a Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse.


A Scorpion Fish!


Koh Phi Phi was a little busy


Diving down to meet the Pennant Coralfish


This school of fish completely surrounded us! Ah-mazing!


Hanging out behind the corral!


I must have been the one with my back turned to this little guy because I don’t remember seeing him! You have to be attentive and patient.


Weightlessness is the best feeling. I am sure I was once a fish!


Seriously though, these views … !


You can find the photographer, Christophe’s gallery and information at



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