January Round-Up

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Hey guys!  As you know I am away in Thailand! If you knew that then you might also know that I am not live blogging as I go.  The past couple of weeks have been pre-written and I hope that is okay!  I’m still getting used to this Travel Blogger situation and will probably need a lighter laptop before it starts traveling with me.


If you are new to BYOC you can check out the past few Round-Ups here and find exactly what interests you!

Blog Posts

For the hundredth time I’m OFF to Thailand .  You already know that … Do you even care anymore?  If you do then check out that post.  I show you my 3 week itinerary!





The focus of the bulk of posts this month has been about PACKING.  It is a fine art my friends, a fine art!  It’s taken me years to not bring everything in my wardrobe.  I really feel like I mastered minimalist packing this time (or perhaps I’m scrambling around in Thailand trying to reestablish all the things I didn’t bring that I actually needed).  I will provide an updated packing list upon my return!

In the meantime check out:

1. Carry-On Only: How to Pack Everything you Need for a Three Week Trip

2. What’s in my Travel Purse

3. 6 Mix and Match Outfits for a Warm Climate

4. What NOT to Pack and What Didn’t Make the Cut


If you are looking for the token goofy post this month check out: 10 Things you KNOW For Sure when you Stay in Hostels Frequently. I can promise you that if you have ever stayed in a hostel that you will be able to relate to this post!


And because this IS a travel blog (how’s my niche doing?) I wrote about travel.  Or more specifically I let you read my journal (scandalous, I know!).  Bruges is a beauty and you deserve to know all about it.

 Bruges: Journal Entry, Travel Tips & Other Memories


Finally, if you want to get to know me better you can: with  The Wanderlust Tag.  You are also tagged in it so let me know in the comments if you decide to do it on your blog or if you already have.  I’d love to read it!


Social Media

Same story as last month for my Twitter Pinterest, and Bloglovin’! Check em out!!

Instagram is still my jam! Check it out for lots of Thailand pictures!



I will try to get on here and edit this section at some point in the trip!  If not I am most likely having the best time ever and if I am not you will hear about it soon!  I am looking forward to having a new trip under my belt, especially now as a blogger.  New and exciting stuff to write about is always good.


Reading: What the Psychic told the Pilgrim by Jane Christmas.  And also our Thailand Lonely Planet book!
Planning: At this point in the trip probably what to do in Bangkok!
Craving: Probably some comforts of home!
Listening To: I added two need albums to my collection for this trip The Weeknd and The 1975s.



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