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Well, she, yes this blog is a she, is officially 5 hours old.  Where to begin? Figuring out WordPress? Um ya, perhaps that would have been a good start…  But here I am, completely overwhelmed and totally excited.


This blog came into my thoughts only one very short week ago.  And the name, Bring Your Own Compass, came to me during a brainstorm session on niches (because apparently you need one). The name was very important to me because it helps define the brand, it sets the stage for everything that follows, and will hopefully be around for a long time.


Bring Your Own Compass does not literally mean that I think every traveler should carry a compass.  To me it means to follow your own path (travel or otherwise), to be your own person, and to not be afraid to go the other way.


Ultimately this is a travel blog which will follow my journey (the good, bad and the hilarious) and will include helpful tips & tricks, lists, and how to’s related to travel.  But it will also often touch on the theme of ‘bringing your own compass’.


I have been warned that the first blog post often sucks.  But here it is! Welcome to BYOC and THANK YOU for being here.

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